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Our Objectives

As it is felt very clearly the bottlenecked availability of desired manpower by almost every industry and employer, it is yet again proved to be a matter of grave concern for the future business environment.

A deep study into this very problem throws light upon some corners that has been neglected or has been left untouched. The reasons are many but not at all solutions oriented.

So there comes the need of addressing to the hiatus between supply and demand of skilled manpower for appropriate industries.

We are laying down the foundation for manpower development not through traditional methods of follow books at length and concentrate on the in-class theories. Rather extending the interaction to the very practical approach of scenarios prevailing in the socio-organizational processes.

Areas of focus are kindling the fire for understanding the value of job and identifying the various means and methods to accomplish the task, improve insight vision to bring out the lacunas within, improving the skill to identify the opportunities for career options, adding edge to abilities within to excel in the selected career, understanding the philosophy of the desired action, enhance the thought process for increasing the skill.

Also as it is usual practice of acquiring / disposing the desired product only in not beyond just ‘seller – buyer’ concept, the flow and nourishment of expertise is gradually diminishing. To be precise it is becoming just selling something and buying something. The value addition is nil from supplier’s point of view and possibilities of wider usability is nil at the buyer’s end.

This may be justified by many an arguable opinions but the fact is that the supplier is quite unaware of the benefits of enablement of the customer.

So there comes the need of addressing the loops in approach to action.

To summarize the objectives are :

  • Building manpower with inside and outside vision.
  • Creating a new solutions-oriented approach with expanded vision.
  • Bringing in the change of techniques for sales, services, back & front office work.
  • Bringing in the totality into one point.
  • Make the environment change in tune with developed ones.
  • Touching the height through achievements.


' Finding the Fundamentals of Freedom shall fulfill the Future Factors '